What makes Concord Helmets stand apart? It's Material - Fiberglass!


Introducing Concord - Fiber Glass Helmets

⛑ High Tensile Strength

Glass has greater tensile strength than steel wire of the same diameter, at a lower weight.

⛑ Dimensional Stability

Glass fibre is insensitive to variations in temperature and hygrometry. It has low co-efficient of linear expansion.

⛑ High Heat Resistance

Glass fabrics retain 50% of room temperature tensile strength at 370°C, 25% at 480°C, a softening point of 845°C and melting point of 1135°C.

⛑ Great Thermal Insulation

Glass fibres are great thermal insulators because of their high ratio of surface area to weight.

⛑ High Fire Resistance

Glass fibre, a mineral material, is naturally incombustible. It does not support flame nor emit smoke, when exposed to heat.

⛑ High Chemical Resistance

Glass fibre is highly resistant to the attack by most chemicals.

⛑ Outstanding Electrical Properties

Glass fibre has a high dielectric strength and low dielectric constant. A great electrical insulator even at low thickness.

⛑ High Durability

Glass fibre has greater ability to withstand wear, pressure or damage over time.

From Squeezing into a glass slipper to shattering the glass ceiling

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